Time to catch up

Cumbrian Characters has been taking a break from new posts for a couple of weeks.

You can read some lovely old ones in the meantime! For instance (picking a variety of topics):

  • the post on haaf net fishing – follow this link.
  • a post on Cumbrian superstitions – here
  • dating advice in the 1840s – here
  • a near riot at a Penrith wedding – here
  • slander and witchcraft in Stuart England – here

And so much more. Simply use the search option (magnifying glass in a circle) on the ‘masthead’ to look for topics of interest. Or try the categories list on the right hand side.

Or go to one of the index pages (at the bottom) and search a place, a subject, or a name from there.

And to go with a post about posts – the main image is an ancient gatepost between Bowness-on-Solway and Port Carlisle.