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Cumbrian people – alphabetical by surname


Bridget Abbot and Margaret Abbot

Dr James Ainslie of Kendal, and his son Henry Ainslie

Christopher Alderson (son and father)

Christopher Rowland Alderson

William James Anderson

Ann Angus


PC George Ashburn (Ashbourne)

Ann Atkinson, milliner, of Kirkby Lonsdale

George Sedgwick Atkinson

Frances Atkinson, of Lamplugh

John Atkinson of Penrith


Frank Balmer

Richard Bargatt (Bargett)

John Barham

Alfred Barnes

John Barnes

PC John Barnes

Lancelot Barnes

Dr Thomas Barnes and here

Isaac Barrass

Christopher Beck

Allan Bell, of Wigton

Andrew Bell and wife Mary Bell

Elizabeth Bell (B 1801, Talkin)

Frederick Bell, Wigton

Mary Bell

Mary Leathwaite Bell (b 1819)

John Bell

Joseph Bell

Richard Bell (b 1769)

Thomas Bell (d 1871), brother William Bell

Thomas Watson Benson, wife Sarah Dixon Gill, children John Dawson Benson and Sarah Jane

Robert Bertram

Charles Binyon

Christopher Bird

Joseph Bird

Sarah Birket

Elizabeth Blackstock and son John Blackstock

Thomas Blackburn, son George William Blackburn

John Bland, Vickers Bland

Mary Blaylock

Mary Blenkinship/Blenkinsop

Jane Boak and here

Sarah Boak

Thomas Boak, William Boak (and brother Joseph)

Richard Bowes, of Cockermouth

Francis Boustead, of Ainstable

Samuel Boustead (Bowstead)

John Bowstead (Bousted), of Beck Bank

  • (also Ann Bowstead, Joseph Bowstead, James Bowstead, Thomas Bowstead)

Edward Harrison Bradley

Isaac Braithwaite

Robert Briscoe (married Isobel Dawson)

John Brough

Henry Peter Brougham

James Brougham, of Kirby Stephen

Caleb Brown

George Brown, of Whitehaven

John Brown, of Intack

Mary Brown

George Brownrigg

John and Barbara Brownrigg (daughters Ann, Mary, granddaughter Barbara)

William Brownrigg

Mary Brunskill

Councillor Burney

Ann J Brydon

Anthony P Brydon

Elizabeth G Brydon née Wilson

James Brougham

John Brydon


John Callaghan

John Cameron

Robert McQueen Cannon

William Cannon

Thomas Gibson Cant

Robert Carleton, of Penrith, and here

Edward Carr, of Kingstown (and Hannah, Jane and Michael)

Joseph Carr, of Whitehaven

David Carrick, Carlisle banker

John Cartner, Margaret Cartner, Mary Cartner

George Carruthers, of Glasson (and Mary Carruthers) – and here

Jefferay Carruthers, of Carlisle. And again

John Carruthers, Lowthian Gill

John William Carruthers, Joseph Carruthers, parents John Edward and Catherine (Penrith)

Isaac Carter

Isaac Cartmell

James Carty

Robert Charleton, wife Kate, children Ethel, Mona, Joseph Robert, and Robert Craddock Charleton

Sir Frederick William Chance .

Mary Christopherson

Jane Clapperton

Ann Clarke

Anthony William Clarke

Elizabeth Clarke, prisoner

George Clerk, of Kirkby Londsale

Dean Francis Close

Joseph Cockbaine

John Cockburn, of Shap and Margaret Cockburn

Christopher Cooper (Kitty Cooper)

Hugh Coulston

William Cowan, of Whitehaven

Esther Cowen and here

George Cowen

Jane Jackson Cowen (a hardened woman)

Isaac Cowen

John Cowen

Joseph Cowen

Frederick Cowper, of Carleton Hall

Blanche Althea Crackanthorpe

Dayrell Eardley Montague Crackanthorpe

Montague Crackanthorpe (Montague Hughes Cookson

Francis Dayrell Montague Crackanthorpe

Hubert Crackanthorpe

Oliver Montague Crackanthorpe

William Cradduck,

Robert Crossland

William Cumberland

Blance and Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon (Lord Scarsdale)


William Dacre, vicar of Irthington

Thomas Dalgleish

Ann Dalton (b 1851)

Isabella Dalton

James Dalton (b 1817)

Joseph Dalton, wife Ann née Stephenson

William Dalton

Jane Davidson (née Jane Watson)

William Dawes

Thomas Dawson, daughter Mary Dawson

Ann Dent, née Ann Pears

C A Dempster

James Denwood

John Dennison and a family of bonesetters: Joseph Dennison, George Dennison, Tom, and Jane.

Thomas Denton

Bridget Dixon, of Harras, sons Thomas, John and Caleb Dixon

John Dixon, publican and horticulturalist

Thomas Dixon, Penrith publican

Thomas Dixon, of Froddle Crook

John Dockray

Ellen and Colonel Robert Henry Curzon Drury-Lowe

Mary Elizabeth Douglas

Thomas Douglas

John Dunghillson (married Ann Ladyman)

Frecheville Lawson Ballantine Dykes,


Oswald Elliott (son of Wilson Elliott, draper and councillor)

Isabella English

Evan Evans


Henry Fallowfield

Richard Fallowfield

Jane Faulder

Hannah Farish

Rev James Farish

Robert Farlam, Frances Farlam (née Frances Hetherington)

Rev John Fawcett

George Fawell 1743-1772

George Fawell  1821-1905

George Fawell, inventor of the British boiler and here

Isabel Fawell (née Smith)

John Fawell died 1791

Thomas Fawell of Albany, NY

John Fenton, of Nether Scales, Catherine Fenton,

Joseph Ferguson, of Carlisle

Sarah Ferguson, of Bleath Gill

Cuthbert Fisher

Councillor I Fisher

William Vincent Fitzsimmons

Dorothy Fleming

Sir George Fleming 

Mary Fleming

Fletcher – the Fletchers of Hutton-in-the-Forest

Lady Catherine Fletcher (later Smith, née Dalston)

Richard Forsyth, of Kendal

Joseph Foster

Robert Fox

Joan Freer (Joanne Frere)

Hugh Flynn


Robert Gate and wife Elizabeth

William Gelderd

Thomas Gibson

Charles Gilder and wife Hannah

Edward Gill

Reverend John Gill

Fanny Glaister

Thomas Glaister

Joseph Gleve

Joseph Goulding

Robert Goulding

Arthur Graham, of Yanwath Hall

Christopher Graham, Dalston

John Graham, of J&J Graham grocers 1861

Sir James Graham – 1837 election

Mary Graham (a ‘hardened woman’)

George Graham, of Kingstown

William Graham, poacher, Henry Graham, Joseph Graham, mother Nanny Graham

John Grave

Elizabeth Frances Greaves

Abraham Greenhow, and parents John Greenhow and Mary née Hodgson

Joseph Grisedale (Joseph Grisdale), and

  • wife Elizabeth, children William Grisedale, Ada Eliza, Lizzy, (Rachel) Annie, Mary Agnes Grisedale

Anna Grove/Anna Hills

William Gully

John Gunson


Thomas Gill Halliburton

Robert Hamilton

Owen Hancock

William Hanlon and John Hanlon

William Harbett, of Drigg

James Hargreaves, photographer

Jennett Harkness (married Robert Simpson)

Ada Harper, Alice Greenup Harper, Henry and Roseanna Harper

Samuel Harper

Thomas Harrington

John Harrison

Lancelot Harrison

Mary Harrison, 4

William Musgrave Hartley

Edward Williams Hasell and here

Alderman Hastwell

George Head Head

A Helder

Peter Henderson

John Heskett

Joseph Heskett, mother Mary Ann, siblings Ann Rhoda, James, father John

Hugh Hetherington, of Whitehaven (son of Joseph)

Police Constable Thomas Hetherington

Thomas William Hetherington x2

James Hewitt

Robert Hindson, wife Isabella, daughter Mary Ann, son John

John Hoad

Isaac Hodgson

John Hodgson, Elizabeth Hodgson, Sarah Hodgson: Threlkeld siblings

John Hodgson, Whitehaven

Joseph Hodgson, Great Braithwaite

Sir Richard Hodgson, mayor of Carlisle

William Hodgson

William Nicholson Hodgson

James Holland

Isabel Holme, John Holme

John Holme, of Martindale and brother Thomas Holme

William Horsley

The Howards

Joseph Howe

John Howson

Pearson Howson and here and again

William Howson and here

Andrew F Huddleston,

John Hughes

John Huntingdon


Edward Lawson Irving and wife Mary Jane

Ernest Irving, journalist (son of George Irving, ironmonger)

Ernest Kirkbride Irving

James Irving (and wife Barbara, and their children), of Blackwell House.

Jane Irving (Jane Todd) of Patterdale and Penrith

Peter Irving of Port Carlisle

Peter John Irving


Annie Jackson (née Irving/Todd)

Hannah Jackson

John Jackson, of Martindale

John A Jackson, shoemaker

Joseph Jackson of Waverton

Mary Jackson

William Jackson , of Yanwath

William Jackson ii of Yanwath (and mother Hannah, and sisters Hannah, Mary, and Catherine.

John Jameson

William Jarman, Customs officer

William Jarman, druggist and ‘vet’

Francis Jollie

Percy Johnston

William Johnstone

John Paul Jones


Henry Kendall

Joseph Kennedy

Rev William King

John Kirk

William Kirkbank

John Kirkbride

John Kirkpatrick

John Kitchen


Samuel Ladyman

Thomas Lambert

Thomas Lamley (or Lambley)

Janet Lazonby

Edward Lawson (1832-1852)

John Lawson (d 1805)

Joseph Percy Lawson

Lowther Lawson

Pattinson Lawson

Sir Wilfred and Lady Mary Lawson and here

Simon Leach

John Leak and family

James Leonard

Robertson Lidderdale, of the Westmorland Militia

Ann Little, husband George Little, children Isabella, Margaret, John, Robert, Annie, Joseph)

Jane Little, confectioner, husband John Little

Lawrence Little

Eliza Lynn Linton

Widow Eleanor Liverick, of Brampton

Mary Ann Longrigg

Dr Henry Lonsdale and again and here and again


Ann Lowthian

John and Sarah Lowthian and family

Nathaniel Dean Lowthian, and brother Abraham Tom Lowthian

Isabella Lunson


Colonel Maclean, of Lazonby

Michael McCumisky, brother George McCumisky

Stuart McCurrie/Stewart McCurry

Leila Macdonald

Isabella McGee, daughter Eliza

Terence McGrady

Sergeant James McGuffie

Henry McNeil

Samuel Marshall

William Marshall MP

Robinson Martin, and parents James and Mary

William Robinson Martindale

Thomas Martindale and the Martindale family

Harriet Martineau

John Mason

John Matthews of Kirkbride

Richard Mattinson

Gavin Melville, of Carlisle

Widow Mary Melville, of Keswick

John Merryman, Westmorland

Frances Milburn and Isaac Milburn, of Cardew Hall

Joseph Milburn, of Silloth, wife Ann

Dinah Mooney

John Moore

Hannah Moore

Tom Moore

H Mullen

John Lowry Mullender

Elizabeth Murphy

Sir George Musgrave, and here, and here


John Nanson

John Nelson of Maryport

Sarah Nelson, of Kingstown

William Nelson

William Nevison

Sarah Nicholson, Sceugh Dyke and husband Septimus Nicholson

Thomas Nicholson, fireman

Elizabeth Noble, of Brampton

Mary Noble, of Ellerton, Hesket-in-the-Forest

Edward, John, and Joseph Norman, of Beaumont


Mary Ann Oldcorn

PC William Oldcorn

Jonathan Oldman

Christopher Ollivant

John Ollivant

Thomas Ollivant


Christopher Parker, Skirwith

Margaret Parkin, tragedy

William Parkin, L&NW Railway

William Parkin, publican

Isaac Patterson

Jane Pattinson, Longburn murder victim

John Pattinson (debtor)

Joseph Pattinson (d 1880)

Lancelot Pattinson

Thomas Pattinson (b 1838) of Westfield House and Kirkland House

Benjamin Pears (b 1841)

Christopher Pears (b 1788 Holme Cultram)

Christopher Pears (b 1803, Aspatria)

Christopher Pears of Hesket-New-Market

Christopher Pears (b 1821)

Emma Pears and here

Esther Pears

Isaac Pears

Jackson Pears

Joseph Pears the vet

Mary Pears (died 1870)

Robert Graham Pears

Robert Graham Pears junior

Thomas Pears (b 1834, Craggs)

Thomas Pears (b 1851) of Fellside

William Pears (b 1855) of Fellside

William Pearson (b about 1786), of Borderside, Crosthwaite

Ann Peat (b 1836)

Dr Anthony Peat, of Salmon Hall and Workington

Anthony Peat (1756-1814)

Elizabeth Peat

Jeffray Peat (Jeffery Peat) (1769-1836)

Jeffray Peat (1797-1844) and wife Mary

Mary Peat (married George Carruthers)

Rachel Peat (b 1836)

Katherine Pennington

Robert Henry Pepper (son of John Pepper)

David Petrie – and Catherine, Helen, Mary Jane and John

Sarah Pharoah, Margaret Pharoah

Henry Pilkington, Jane Ann, sons George Henry, Joseph Harold, Charles

William Pinder

Joseph Pocklington

John Pool (or John Poole)

John Porter

Humphrey Porter

Portland, Dukes of

Rev Charles Moyes Preston

James and Joseph Pridholm

Shirtcliffe John Priest

John Purdy



Robert Railton

Edward Rainbow (wife Elizabeth)

Charlotte Relph

Margaret Rennier

Thomas Reyson

James Richardson, General Wolfe Inn, Penrith

John Richardson, of Borrowdale

Robert Richardson, of Penrith

Allan Taylor Rigg

Richard III (Duke of Gloucester)

Clem Richardson, gamekeeper

Henry Richardson, solicitor

James Richardson, landlord of the General Wolfe

James Richardson, draper

Joseph and Mary Richardson, of Hudscales

Joseph Ridley, wife Grace Elizabeth Ridley, children Annie Ridley and others

Dorothy Ritson

Elizabeth Ritson

Sarah Jane Robertshaw

Annie Robinson/Annie Smith/Mary Ann Smith/Annie Thornborrow

Anthony Robinson

Jane Robinson

Robert Robinson

William Robinson

James Rogerson

James Rome b 1872

Joseph Rome

William Rome

James Room

John Rooney

John Roper, of Shap

John Rothery, of Egremont

Edward Hervey Rowland

John Ruddy

James Henry Rutherford


John Salkeld

John William Salkeld

Robert Sander

John Sanderson, Ann Sanderson

John Sanderson, Mary Sanderson, Penrith

John Sanderson, of Dalston

Mrs Mary Sandwick

Fanny and Beauchamp Prideaux Selby

Elizabeth Pocklington Senhouse,

Humphrey Senhouse    x several!

Sir Benjamin Scott .

John Scott, Thomas Scott, William Scott, of Kingstown

William Hudson Scott

John Sewell

Robert Sewell, astronomer

William Sewell

Bernard Shannon, wife Jane, children James. Patrick, Sarah, Mary A

Thomas Sheffield, dentist and son Isaac Sheffield

Henry Shepherd (and son Harry)

Robert Shields

Jonathan Simm

Elizabeth Simpson (Elizabeth Peat) (b 1802), of Port Carlisle

Rev James Simpson

Edward Simpson

Jane Simpson (Jane Irving) of Port Carlisle: her coat of arms

Jonathan Simpson

John Simpson, currier

Joseph Simpson, fitter

Sally Simpson (Sarah) of Wigton

Thomas Simpson, gamekeeper, wife Margaret

John Skelton

George Smith, of Kendal, distiller

Henry Smith, of Ulverston

John Smith of Carlisle

Margaret Smith, née Pattinson, Longburn murder victim, and husband Thomas

Richard Smith, of Egremont

Thomas Smith and Hannah Smith

Bishop Thomas Smith

William Smith, of Brough

Edward Southwell

John Topping Stafford,

John Stalker of Dalston

John Stalker of Penrith

James Steel (and his statue)

John Steel

Richard Stephenson, of Kingstown

Ann Stewart

Rory Stewart, former MP

John George Storey

Thomas and Eleanor Storey

Walter Notman Strong

Joseph Studholme daughters Elizabeth and Ann

  • and again here with sons John a
  • and Joseph and daughters Mary and Esther

Robert Studholme, of Biglands

Mary Sturdy (née Moore)

Jeremiah Sullivan (author J Sullivan)

Isaac Swainson, of Hawkshead


James Taylor, Whitehaven

Tom Telford (family include Henry Eustace Telford)

John Robert Thomlinson

Aaron Thompson

Harrison Thompson

Jane Thompson, confectioner. Children include Samuel Thompson, Jonathan Thompson.

Jonathan Thompson, fire brigade captain

John Thompson, of Great Salkeld

William Thompson, of Whitehaven

Christopher Thornborrow of Ulverston

Jane Thornborrow    1691

Mark Thornber

William Albert Thornber

William Thornburrow, licence woes, keeping pigs

John Thornthwaite

Jane Thorp

Ella Thwaites (née Richardson)

Philip Tianney

Anthony Tickell

George Tiffin

Joseph Timperon

Isaac Todd, auctioneer

John Todd, of Kendal

William Toppin, draper and hotel keeper

Wilson Towers

Joseph Trauman, riot leader

Joseph Tremble, nurseryman, and; here, along with Elizabeth Tremble

Mary Tremble, née Pears

John Joseph Troughear

Joseph Troughear

Walker Tunstall

William and brother Joseph Turner, of Greenhead

George Tweddle, hats and caps, Carlisle

John Tweddle, of Alston

William Tyson


Charles Marshall Ure, wife Jane, son William Allen Ure


John Varty


Edward Wakefield

John Wakefield

Frederick Walker

Mary Walker, of Temple Sowerby

Joseph Walsh

Albert John Walton and Thomas William Walton

John Ward, weaver

John Ward, stonemason, daughter Mary Ward

John Ware

Thomas Warwick

James Wasdale

James Wasdale, and Bella Wasdale

Thomas Watman

William Weight and Isabella, née Atkinson

David Weir

Dorothy de Welpdale,and Walther Hutchinson Whelpdale and others

William John Welsh

John Westmorland

John Wharton

Agnes, Anne and Isabella Wilkinson, of Kendal

Mary Wilkinson, of Nether Scales

Martha Wilkinson (widow) of Kendal

William Wilkinson, of Harrington

Ann Williamson wife of George Brownrigg

Annie Williamson (Annie Foster/Annie Granger)

Garwain Williamson

Richard Wilson Wills

Ann Wilson

James Wilson, of Kendal

John Wilson, printer

John Hewson Wilson

Joseph Wilson

Richard Wilson, of Kendal

Robert Wilson, of Kendal

Ann Wood/Skelton/’Lawson’

James Wood, the Longburn murderer

Mary Wood

William James Wood

Mary Wright

Percy Wyndham and here




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