Thomas Ollivant of Hesket-in-the-Forest

Thomas Ollivant, ‘clerk’ (vicar) of Hesket-in-the-Forest, Cumberland, died in 1686. His will included an inventory with a lot of names – local people who owed him various sums of money.

These debts then became due to Thomas Ollivant’s heirs.

People researching any of those named would be very unlikely to seek out the will of Thomas Ollivant, so this post is to share the information it contains.

The will of Thomas Ollivant

You can find the will and inventory at Carlisle Archives, should you wish to read it in full.

The will of Thomas Ollivant names wife Frances Ollivant, and their only son, John Ollivant. They also have one daughter, Sarah Ollivant, who was 21 at the time.

Frances Ollivant was née Frances Ousby. The couple married in 1669.

Their son John Ollivant was baptised (Hesket-in-the-Forest) in 1672 and died in 1717. He married Sarah Benson in 1691 and they had one son, Thomas, born in 1699.

And that of his grandson, also Thomas Ollivant

Thomas Ollivant born 1699, obtained a commission in the Army, in 1721, in the ‘Scots Fusiliers’. 

You can read the history of the regiment here.

Captain Thomas Ollivant died in 1747. His will names lots of ‘cousins’ – I’ve not been able to work them all out!

The 1686 inventory

The inventory of Thomas Ollivant was appraised by: 

  • Christopher Ollivant (there are a couple of candidates locally!)
  • William Parker

And was also sworn by:

  • William Atkinson and Thomas —- 

The inventory lists things like sheep and geese and riding gear, then itemises £105 owed to Thomas by the following people:

  • Thomas Railton, of Hesket —
  • Thomas Robinson of Drybeck
  • Christopher Soulby of Moorhouse –
  • John ? Bill of Hesket
  • Thomas ? Raven of Skough (Skeugh)
  • HugH ? Raven of the same place
  • Thomas —-w (Barrow?) of Morton
  • Richard Hindson of Plumpton Wall
  • Gawen Thwaits of N—s Hill
  • Humphrey Jordan of Hesket
  • Frances Dixon of An— widow
  • John Hodgon of Ling House
  • Richard Mallinson of Barrockside
  • John Hodgson of Barrockside
  • Humphrey Jordan
  • Richard Skelton of Armathwaite
  • Thomas Lamley of Skough junior
  • John Raven of Skeugh
  • Edward Robinson of Hesket
  • Elizabeth Stephenson, widow
  • Richard Skelton
  • Jane Baty of Nunclose
  • John Lowther of The Gards
  • Robert Thompson
  • Christopher Ollivant of Wooloaks
  • Thomas ? Barrow of Morton
  • Edward Robinson the elder
  • George Robinson his son
  • Thomas Calvert of Calthwaite junior
  • Humphrey Jordan the elder
  • John ? Raiston of Nether Hesket
  • Edward Robinson the elder.

It’s not easy to read, so do contact the archives if you wish to order a copy and have a go yourself!