Joseph Studholme

Joseph Studholme – a Carlisle surveyor and land agent – got a fairly brief mention in this post about William Robinson Martindale & Port Carlisle:

His will doesn’t tell us a great deal more about him. Beyond suggesting some interesting family dynamics. His younger son, Joseph Studholme junior, may have been named after his father. But he may not have been thrilled when the will was read, following Joseph Studholme senior’s death on June 2, 1825.

The will of Joseph Studholme

The will runs to almost four pages. Here is a summary of the key points:

son John, his main heir, is to get all his freehold and leasehold property in St Nicholas.

son Joseph gets properties called Hole House and Woodriggs, in the parish of Thursby

John is to get all the properties at Great Orton which were left to son Joseph by his grandmother Sarah Moore. 

If Joseph refuses to hand them over, he (Joe) won’t get the properties at Thursby – they will go to John.

Joseph’s daughters

Daughters Mary and Esther are left £1,000 each (with interest) along with all the furniture and clothes that belonged to their mother. 

They also get all the linen, plate, china, and dairy utensils, ‘books excepted’. Unless they marry, in which case all that goes to John.

Mary and Esther will be allowed to live in their father’s house at St Nicholas (with the front garden and east garden) until such time as they marry. 

John gets to stay at Kingsmoor House.

The Martindale grandchildren

Joseph names the four grandchildren by late daughter Ann, wife of William Robinson Martindale, which tells us a little more about William.

The children, Richard, Mary, Sarah and Joseph Martindale, are to get £400 between them (with interest) when they are 21.

Anything else goes to son John. Including, presumably, the books!


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